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Montagne Leaders n°254

Friday 8 April 2016

Winter sports Empire

remontée mécanique

Montagne Leaders 254

In 1966, France is singing with Jacques Dutronc “700 million Chinese”… 50 years ago exactly, but meanwhile, things have changed, and China has passed the number imagined by the song writer Jacques Lanzmann. Today the “Middle Kingdom” has 1.370 billion inhabitants… Therefore, when such country, representing 1 out of 5 persons on the planet, wins the organization of the Winter Olympic Games for 2022, Mountain Planet tries to turn it into its guest of honor!
Such highlight provoked a strong interest and motivation for winter games in China. Focused on the Olympic event, the ski resorts already functioning are modernizing their equipment or expanding their areas – Yabuli, Genting Secret Garden, Wanlong –, while others are being created ex nihilo – Thaïwoo or Fulong. That is a perfect opportunity for Montagne Leaders to dedicate a complete dossier to some of these colossal layouts, on the occasion of Mountain Planet!
China obtained the Olympic Games, and is now ready to take advantage of the enthusiasm to abandon its 9th position on winter sports international market. Chinese government announced that the objective was to have 300 million Chinese players by 2022; winter sports are riding high – engineering, event organization, formation – and the related businesses are looking for emerging opportunities. Either they are performing in China or elsewhere, these numerous clients will require a wide variety of spaces. This is probably the biggest challenge for the post-Games period: to be able to attract and seduce a new generation of skiers. Dominique Verdiel  Président, Directeur de la publicationFrench mountains, as well as its actors, have interest in taking the opposing view of Dutronc’s song, “With my life and my little home, I think about it then forget it”…
La montagne française, tout comme ses acteurs, a tout intérêt à prendre le contrepied des paroles de Dutronc – « Avec ma vie, mon petit chez-moi. J’y pense et puis j’oublie. » - pour justement ne pas oublier ce nouveau défi.

Dominique Verdiel
Director of the magazine and editor in chief


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