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Montagne Leaders n°252

Thursday 10 December 2015

Cultural hybridization

Edito Montagne Leaders 252

Montagne Leaders 252Often limited to an ethical dimension, hybridization is a much broader concept. Whether artistic, political, linguistic, culinary or even technological, a hybrid has the distinction of being more than a simple addition of two tings, but rather a real mixture, resulting in something larger than the mere sum of its two main elements. It is essentially a dynamic phenomenon, innovative, unprecedented since it associates things that were hitherto too far apart to be perceived. The historical notion of hybridization was based on voyages, yet new forms are freed from geographical shifts. (Thanks, Internet and globalization!).
Following this global trend, the mountain has also become conducive to hybridization. In recent years, Domaines Skiables de France has been the protagonist of this phenomenon by relocating its General Assembly away from the usual Alpine peaks.
2015 will have been, in advance, the most "exotic" environment for a large number of partners. (DSF on the Atlantic coast: who would have imagined such a thing, who would have dared to propose it not so long ago?) Unforeseen exchanges were also the essence of the Winter Talks, one of the components of the second edition of the event in Chambéry Before Winter...
Hybridization was already on the agenda in Brest with a certain amount of so-called "mountain" technologies applied to the cable car project in The Penfeld; the protagonists of this planning, used to ski fields, looked into the daily life of the marina for a solution that would fully respond to the specifications in the contract...
Finally, last but not least, the trajectory of our "leaders", these people who matter, usually consists of cultural fusion stages, either voluntary or casual.


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