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Andes Lideres n°11

Monday 24 October 2016

Strength comes in numbers

Andes Lideres 11While mountain is a play area for some and a work area for others, it is essentially an economic sector. Ski resorts, mining, the mountain shares its slopes with those two industries, but those two universes are connected by the men who work there. Facing the same conditions and the same dangers, mountain professionals are together and pairs when it comes to hazards. Of course, those hazards are different for each group, and like it happened last winter, snow makes some of them happy and others unhappy. Thus, the mountain richness is endless and must stay that way. If the copper rate slows down mining projects, the inversions in ski resorts show a growing interest in winter sports.
Many of them invested, like Cerro Castor in Argentina or Cerro Chapelco. In fact, Juan Cruz Adrogue, president of Nieves del Chapelco S.A., celebrating this year his tenth anniversary at the head of the Argentinean resort, takes advantage of the occasion of this symbolic birthday to talk and give his opinion on this industry that has had a rough time during the past few years, but is getting slowly back on track. A man, or better said, a men story, because in the mountain more than anywhere else, the project are not reached with just one person but with several, since strength comes in numbers. The mountain, even more than other universes, needs consensus, it needs to feel its actors, public or private, concerned about the same problems, and aiming to the same goal. Chamonix, in France, is a good example. For more than a hundred years, the village that turned into a city became one of the most attractive "mountain destinations" in the world, capitalizing of the first Winter Olympic Games in the history. At a lower scale, Portillo followed the same path and took advantage of the 1966 Ski World Championship to develop and become one of the most popular resorts.


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