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Andes Líderes 10

Friday 24 June 2016

Andes Lideres tenth issue

Andes Lideres 10In September 2011 was published the first issue of a bi-annual review dedicated to the mountain professionals: Andes Líderes was born and its story began. A life story that has lasted in time, enriched with each issue, and improved year after year. With this tenth issue, a new milestone is reached, and it is tempting to look behind. Five years ago, we made a bet with a new title, a brand new style magazine, a bi-annual dedicated to all those who are building today’s and tomorrow’s mountain, dedicated to mountain areas settlement and economy. We also dared to publish a title putting together three activities, mining, skiing, and cable transportation in urban areas. Universes that everything seemed to oppose yet get together more often than we could imagine, in particular through answers such as cable transportation o sites securing against natural threats.
We also tried to establish a bridge between two continents, South America and Europe, between two complementary cultures, to get each one’s ideas, bring them face to face and share them. With that purpose, that we’ve always had, we wanted to create a new section, about ideas and tendencies that work in some place and could be used in another one. Urban cable transportations, which in South America became a specialty, almost an identity, could have been the first topic, but considering winter is beginning and ski resorts are about to open, we will examine with a fine toothed comb the ludic activities in ski resorts, a tendency that imposed itself in Europe and could express itself in Spanish and South American ski areas.
In ten issues, many links have been tied, many bonds have been created. Strong relationships were born and showed that we were right. Because Andes Líderes story, first of all, is a persons’ adventure, and it is only its first chapter…


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