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Montagne Expansion surveys

Created in 1975, Montagne Leaders observing and studying carefully the development and economy of winter sports in France: several decades of work and experience that led to the launch of two statistic studies on French skiable areas.

These two surveys turned into basic references about the mountain economy in France; they are supported by France Skiable Areas, French skiable areas workers’ union chamber, and ATOUT France, the French touristic development agency.

Montagne Expansion uses its position in ski resorts and contacts with its suppliers to carry out the different steps of these unique surveys: surveys edition and mailing, recollection, processing and analysis of the numbered surveys sent by the French skiable areas operators, city councils and material and services providers, as well as decision makers’ interviews and comments.


The TOP 100

Since 1993, the TOP 100 has turned into a key study for the profession. This annual survey presents the rating of French skiable areas according to their revenue of the past season. But that’s not all! The TOP 100 also presents numerous economic indicators: number of opening days and days of use by skiers, number of lift tickets, packages price, number of employees, lifts and trails, all the information about the ski resorts, detailed, compared with the actual use (n-1) and analyzed by mountain range.

The publication of this survey, in the October-November issue of Montagne Leaders, matches with the Annual Meeting of France Skiable Areas, and is echoed with all the skiable areas operators.


The Investments

Since 2002, Montagne Leaders presents the range of investments done in French skiable areas. Besides the amounts invested, the analysis gives details on the different aspects of skiable areas operation:  new lifts, modification and maintenance of lifts, artificial snow, snow plow, trails maintenance, security, signage, tickets and leisure equipments, professional vehicles and buildings.

Those amounts are analyzed and classified by mountain range, and compared with previous rates and turnovers. The study indicates also the material and services providers who participated in those activities.

The annual survey Investments is the main part of the first yearly issue of Montagne Leaders, an issue that the decision makers of our Mountain section are always eager to receive!