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Montagne Expansion, partner in professional exhibitions for a whole group.

Historically speaking, and in close connection with the creation of the Grenoble SAM in 1974, Montagne Expansion, through the group publications, has turned into the partner of the main mountain professionals on the different continents.

Montagne Leaders is the most important connection with several exhibitions in Europe, all of them focusing on mountain development: Mountain Planet - SAM (Grenoble - France), InterAlpin (Innsbruck - Austria), Alpipro (Chambéry - France) and Ski Build Expo (Moscow - Russia).

Mountain Planet SAM Grenoble   Interalpin   Alpipro

In South America, Andes Líderes connects with Expo Andes (Santiago of Chili - Chili).

In Asia, Montagne Ambition echoes back ISPO-Alpitec China‘s news and novelties (Beijing - China).

Alpitec China

To become an efficient partner in all these events, Montagne Expansion maintains a close communication with the organizers: Alpexpo (France), Messe Innsbruck (Austria), Pro Andes (Chile), Green Events (France) …