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Montagne Expansion, the institutions partner

Year after year, Montagne Expansion has developed close links with basic institutions which represent skiable areas and cable transportation.

Worldwide, Montagne Expansion is committed by agreement with the International Organization of Cable Transportation (OITAF) since 1999. The OITAF brings together three categories of members from the cable transportation field: operators and persons in charge of cable transportation companies, installations of cable transportation manufacturers, and member states security authorities.

The agreement between OITAF and Montagne Expansion turns our press group into the official communication organ of the OITAF for French and Spanish languages through its publications, particularly Montagne Leaders and Andes Líderes.

At the national level, Montagne Expansion is a privileged partner of Domaines Skiables de France [France Skiable Areas] (DSF), the national trade union for French skiable areas operators. The two of them signed an agreement which has been in effect since 2009, to reinforce their connections. Among the commitments, we have to emphasize the participation of Domaines Skiables de France in the preparation of exclusive surveys like “TOP 100” and “Investments”, and the contribution of Montagne Expansion in the diffusion of information and union activities to the member’s operators of the skiable areas, and at the national level.