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The Montagne Expansion group

Based in the heart of the Alps - in Grenoble (France) - the Montagne Expansion group publishes key magazines on the subject of mountain developments and cable transport worldwide.

Montagne Leaders

Montagne Leaders, the Official OITAF French-language magazine, is the leading bi-monthly publication on tourism development of ski stations and pistes. Created in 1975, « Aménagement & Montagne » became Montagne Leaders in 2004, to highlight the men and women who make things happen in our mountains.

Profiles and interviews, ski lifts and cable transport, artificial snow systems, trail groomers, security, outdoor recreation equipment, tourism facilities, sustainable development, these are some of the subjects covered by Montagne Leaders in French-speaking and European ski areas, with special emphasis on Development, Finances, and Marketing.

Over the years, Montagne Leaders has become a decision-making tool for all those professionals whose work is done on the mountain, or for the mountain. Today, « ML » is read by professionals involved in ski resorts (ski lift and cable-way operators, trail services, guides, instructors), builders and suppliers, manufacturers and importers of sports and outdoor recreational equipment, as well as elected authorities, public servants, tourism and transport professionals, etc.

Andes Líderes

Dedicated to Spanish-speaking mountain lovers and professionals, in the Andes, in Spain, or in Andorra, the twice-yearly Andes Líderes is the Official OITAF Spanish-language magazine. Distributed in the various Latin American countries, Spain and Andorra, it is intended for mountain professionals and amateurs.

Over the last few decades, the French mountain world and the Andean mountain world have developed strong links, not only in the practice of sports, but also in the development of tourism centered on ski centers, as well as in relation to the mining sector. In such a historical context, which relies on strong local, regional, and international partners, Andes Líderes has found its niche.

In this publication, the leaders of the winter sports / tourism business sector meet decision-makers from the mining industry, sharing similar solutions to similar operational problems, such as access and security solutions in remote outdoor settings.

Andes Líderes also deals with all aspects of cable usage and transport, but especially with cable-transport systems in urban settings.

Montagne Ambition

Launched in 2013 on the occasion of the ISPO Alpitec China Salon in Beijing, Montagne Ambition is intended for the developers of Chinese mountain resorts. This new annual publication written in Mandarin Chinese is a must-read for Chinese mountain professionals.

In this rapidly-growing sector, Montagne Ambition’s mission is to showcase all aspects of ski resort and tourism development. Its editorial line relies heavily on ski resorts but also covers related aspects: mountain facilities development, four-season activities in the mountain, tourism, cableways and the various use of cable transport, urban, tourist-oriented, and cultural.

New transport solutions, innovations in four-season tourism, or new trends in mountain infrastructure, either winter or summer, Montagne Ambition will keep the Chinese decision-makers informed, in this market of the future.

Montagne News – La Lettre éco de Montagne Leaders

Launched in 1994, « La Lettre Economique de Montagne Expansion » quickly became the sine-qua-non for decision-makers in mountain development: their “Blue Newsletter”. This bi-monthly newsletter has entered a new dimension by going digital, and was renamed Montagne News – La Lettre Eco de Montagne Leaders. But the change in format didn’t change the contents of this bi-monthly, which deals with the finances and the development of mountain tourism: Companies, Mountain and Ski Resorts, Tourism, Government Agencies, Environment, International Sports, Events Agenda.

Not just a great source of information, Montagne News – La Lettre Eco de Montagne Leaders, is the ideal venue for publishing job offers and calls-for-tenders in the “mountain sector”.


For several years now, Montagne Expansion has been a member of Dovemed, the communications and media group, along with the weeklies « Les Affiches de Grenoble et du Dauphiné » and « La Vie Nouvelle », partners to local business and judicial decision-makers and elected officials in Isère and Savoie, and with the magazines “City Juris” and “La Mairie Magazine”.


President & Founder: Dominique Verdiel

General Manager and Financial Manager: Rémi d’Ersu

Headquarters: Grenoble (France)

Staff: 65

2012 Annual turnover: 7,5 M€


Montagne Expansion:

President, Director of the Magazine and Editor-in-Chief: Dominique Verdiel

Writers: Mickael Frottier, Yves Baunez, Nasrine Kahia

In charge of Advertising: Denis Réal

Distribution and subscriptions: Stéphanie Lucchino